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The Danbury Institute delivers letter with hundreds of signatures to Ohio legislature urging override of governor’s veto

Press Release


Jan. 9, 2024

Contact: Sharayah Colter, Chief Communications Officer, The Danbury Institute,

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Hundreds of Americans, including many influential leaders from across the nation, added their names to a letter circulated by The Danbury Institute this week urging Ohio legislators to override Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of a bill meant to protect children and women. Enacting HB68, known as the SAFE Act (Saving Adolescents from Experimentation), would prevent minors from receiving destructive transgender procedures and chemicals and will bar men from invading women’s sports and locker rooms.

Among those who signed the letter are Riley Gaines, Richard Land, Owen Strachan, Tom Ascol, Mac Brunson, Kelly Kullberg, Virgil Walker, Chad Connelly, Megan Basham, Darrell Harrison, Jimmy Draper, Dusty Deevers, and Sophia Lorey.

As affirmed by the signatories of the letter, gender is a biological fact, not a position to be debated, and women and children must not be made the collateral damage of the incredibly destructive social experiment known as transgenderism.

Collin Hain, Chief Operations Officer for The Danbury Institute—a new organization set to officially launch in February 2024—flew to Ohio to hand deliver the open letter and accompanying signatures to Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly. He found leaders in the legislature were grateful for the show of support from across the nation, and he thanked them for standing strong in support of gender as God-defined and limited to male and female.

“Gov. DeWine’s veto of the SAFE Act, HB68, was injudicious,” Hain said. “An override by the Ohio legislature would not only protect children and women in Ohio, but also set a precedent for the rest of the nation grappling with this topic. I’m thankful to Rep. Gary Click and other members of the Ohio House of Representatives for their leadership on this issue and am pleased to join hundreds from across the country to support their efforts.”

Oklahoma State Senator Dusty Deevers noted in a Twitter post in support of an override that the absurd ideas clamoring to be seen as mainstream today would have been roundly defeated and mocked in the very recent past.

“Until five minutes ago, men in women’s locker rooms and sports, and gender demolition

surgery was a sign that the inmates are running the asylum,” Deevers said. “But, these are the illogical games we play in upside down world where Gov. DeWine promotes serpentine chaos.”

State Representative Gary Click (R-Vickery) expressed his thanks to every signer of the Danbury open letter for taking the time to become involved in this issue that stands to have a ripple effect in states throughout the Union.

“I’m grateful for the vigorous support of the Danbury Institute,” Click said. “Your vocal support and authentic prayers not only encourage me but actually touch the throne of God. Nothing can be more meaningful than protecting the bodily integrity of today’s youth. The next generation depends on what godly men and women do in this generation.”

A vote is expected to take place Jan. 10 when legislators return to the Capitol to reconvene.


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