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The Association of Churches

Become part of the coalition dedicated to upholding Judeo-Christian values foundational to our nation's prosperity. As part of our coalition, your church will stand at the forefront of advocating for the sanctity of life, religious freedom, and the principles that underpin a free society. We empower our member churches with crucial information and actionable strategies, encouraging active participation in the self-governance of our nation and fostering meaningful connections between churches and elected officials.


Membership in The Danbury Institute comes without the burden of dues, opting instead for suggested monthly donations from those who are able and willing to contribute. This ensures all churches can join, free from financial barriers. By applying today, your church steps into a role of significant impact, joining a nationwide movement committed to securing a future where God-given rights and liberties are not only recognized but fiercely protected. Together, we are not merely observers of history; we are its architects.

Suggested charitable contribution:

Church of fewer than 1,000 members: $500 month

Church of 1,000+ members: $1,000 month

Church of 5,000+ members: $2,500 month


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"...on all occasions, the Puritan ministers were the bold asserters of that freedom which the American Revolution established."




Never miss important information & opportunities. Leave your email below to stay connected.

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