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Prayer Points

Support for Israel

Pray for the protection of Israel, the safe return of those still held hostage, and the defeat of terrorism against God's chosen people.

Defense of the sanctity of life

Pray for an end to abortion. Pray for legislators to write and pass laws that uphold the sanctity of life. Pray for more families to consider fostering and adoption.

Direction of the nation, election integrity

Pray for truth and honesty to prevail in America's elections. Pray for a redirection of the nation away from depravity and back toward honoring God.

Protection of children from transgender ideology and procedures

Pray that children be protected from exposure to evil, adults who would prey upon them, and medical treatments that would harm them.

Border protection & national security religious liberty

Pray for the security of America's borders and that existing laws be upheld to defend the nation from outside attack. Pray for the preservation of religious liberty and other foundational freedoms.

Christian influence in culture

Pray that Christians and pastors take a leadership role in influencing the nation positively.

Revival & return to God

Pray for revival to spread throughout the country. 

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