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Christian messaging on abortion must be simple and clear: Babies in the womb are living humans, and humans should not be murdered

By Sharayah Colter


With Roe no longer the law of the land, the question of “what’s next?” in regard to abortion looms large. Democrats’ answer is that they intend to take action on the nation level, promising to codify “abortion rights” federally as soon as possible. Their strategy is united from the top down and side to side. Republicans, on the other hand are, to put it charitably, not so organized.


Needed today is a single, simple message around which conservatives, libertarians, and anyone who rejects Democrats’ culture of death can unite:


Every human is a person with intrinsic worth, and it is never acceptable to murder a person. 


Christians and the churches they comprise can step into this moment. The leadership of pastors, especially, is vitally important in navigating post-Roe questions. I would posit that churches, Christians, and pastors have not rung the bells of truth on this issue loudly enough thus far; good work has been done, but we have a much, much greater capacity for standing against the injustice of abortion than has so far been demonstrated. Leaders in other spheres – politics, education, business, law, etc. – depend upon the church – the herald of Truth – to present the case for issues of ethics and morality. Let’s not neglect this opportunity and duty.


Without a strong, vocal defense for life from pastors and Christians, politicians, especially, are left to pragmatism and polling for guidance. 


“For such a time as this,” we need pastors and mature Christians to be vocal in defending life. 


The message — to be both effective in winning elections and to be faithful to truth and justice — must be simple:


  1. New human life begins at fertilization with the creation of unique DNA.

  2. Every human is a person with intrinsic value.

  3. It is never acceptable to murder a person. 


Let the stand for life begin in our churches and communities, and let our message be clear and resounding. Let us take the time and spend the effort to educate people about the horrific reality of abortion and pray for minds to change across the nation. Let our pastors lead the way. Let there be unity in our position and clarity in our message:


Every life is valuable, and no life can be murdered with impunity. 


We cannot compromise. 


We would not tolerate a state in our Union legalizing the murder of 10-year-old children. Such a move would be roundly, and rightly, condemned as violating our Constitution’s first and fourteenth amendments and as being morally bankrupt. 


This is no different. There is no magical moment during pregnancy when a baby begins to have value — not at the first heartbeat, not at the first sensation of pain, not at the first breath. A person with DNA unique from his or her two parents is unique from the first nanosecond of miraculous existence in the safety of a woman’s womb.


The truth and our message are simple, and we must be succinctly clear: 


Every human is a person with intrinsic worth, and it is never acceptable to murder a person. 


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