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STATEMENT: The Danbury Institute joins leading pro-faith, pro-family, pro-life organizations in effort to keep Judeo-Christian values in the Republican Party Platform

July 3, 2024

As an organization built upon the deeply-held religious beliefs of Christians across the nation, The Danbury Institute, on July 3, joined a growing number of conservative organizations expressing concern about the potential downgrade of the Republican Party Platform away from values central to the Christian faith and the formation of the nation.


While The Danbury Institute is a non-partisan organization, we recognize that the Republican Party Platform has long-reflected the Judeo-Christian values held by millions of Americans while the Democratic Party Platform includes many public policy positions that stand in stark opposition to the Christian faith. The Danbury Institute further recognizes the Republican Party Platform as a document that expresses the general disposition of American conservatives on a wide array of important issues and which sets informally the direction for conservative public policy. It is our sincere belief that the majority of American evangelicals support strongly the inclusion of pro-faith, pro-family, pro-life values in the Republican Party and that diluting or removing these components of the platform would be a serious error. As an organization committed to encouraging Christian involvement in the process of American self-government as modeled by Christians who helped to forge the nation in her earliest days, we urge American evangelicals to express their deeply-held religious convictions on the importance of the sanctity of life and marriage and that they encourage those representing them in various spheres of leadership in the nation to work and govern with that in mind.


We call on Christians around the nation to pray for the Republican Platform Committee to stand strong for the Judeo-Christian values central to America’s DNA and critical to her future success. An America who forgets God and abandons her values is an America destined for further and more rapid decline. As a supporter of the Platform Integrity Project, The Danbury Institute urges delegates to the Republican Platform Committee in Milwaukee to uphold our fundamental Christian values as integral to the prosperity and success of America’s future.  





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