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STATEMENT: The bipartisan TAKE IT DOWN Act is a positive step toward curtailing the harmful prevalence of pornography

June 26, 2024

The Danbury Institute supports efforts to empower victims to pursue the removal of non-consensual intimate imagery from the Internet, including content created by artificial intelligence (AI). While it is the Institute’s position that there is no redeeming quality in any pornography, we agree with Republican and Democrat senators sponsoring the TAKE IT DOWN Act that intimate imagery being shared without consent – also known as “revenge porn” – can cause significant reputational harm and trauma to individuals depicted and defamed in the imagery. As the capacity of AI continues to expand in real-time, governing authorities must respond to abuses of technology and to the evolving threats those abuses pose to American citizens.


As a coalition of churches and Christians, The Danbury Institute appeals to the Judeo-Christian principals of preserving the purity and sacred nature of marital intimacy and honoring the covenant marriage relationship between one man and one woman united for a lifetime as the only appropriate setting for intimacy. The TAKE IT DOWN Act is a helpful step in the right direction toward curtailing the harmful effects of pornography and ending the exploitation of vulnerable individuals – the majority being women and girls. The bipartisan support this legislation has garnered is a welcome display of unity in the protection of innocent citizens and the promotion of public decency.



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