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President Trump to address The Danbury Institute’s Life & Liberty Forum in virtual message

Press Release


June 9, 2024

Contact: Sharayah Colter, Chief Communications Officer, The Danbury Institute,

Among the 15+ speakers slated to speak at the Indianapolis event Monday, June 10, are Dr. Albert Mohler, Amb. Sam Brownback, and Hon. Mark Walker, RNC Advisor.

INDIANAPOLIS—The Danbury Institute will host hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders, Monday, June 10, at a luncheon event in Indianapolis where the focus will center on encouraging evangelicals to stand boldly for their deeply-held religious convictions in culture and public policy. Issues such as religious liberty and the sanctity of human life will be among the topics addressed by keynote speakers and explored in panel discussions.

In the last several decades, Christians have been dissuaded from wading into political discussions, but The Danbury Institute exists largely to dispel the myth that there is no place for people of faith in the public square. Issues of life and morality are intricately intertwined with the foundations of the nation and the worldviews that direct its leaders and governance today. By convincing a large portion of America’s evangelicals to silence themselves, America’s progressive left has been able to gain incredible influence in the nation through schools, entertainment, news media, and government. The result has not been a neutral, agnostic America, but a nation heavily steeped in Marxist ideologies, sexual revolution, gender confusion, and rejection of the Judeo-Christian-based ideas of liberty and justice upon which America was founded.

The Danbury Institute brings together churches, organizations, and individuals who believe those Judeo-Christian values were and still are a good foundation for the nation. Together, churches can change the course of the country. Embracing the sexualization of children, the murder of babies in the womb, and the erosion of First Amendment freedoms does not have to be the final chapter in the great American story. If Christians remain on the sidelines, however, it may be. The Danbury Institute is committed to seeing a new chapter written in America’s history that returns to championing truth, life, liberty, and virtue.

Speakers from the spheres of academia, government, non-profit advocacy, and local church leadership will address attendees. Among them are Ambassador Sam Brownback, Dr. Albert Mohler of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Hon. Mark Walker, former congressman and pastor and current advisor to the Republican National Committee. The 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, will deliver remarks virtually to the sold-out crowd.

The June 10 event will take place at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis, adjacent to the convention center where Southern Baptists will convene for their annual meeting June 9-12.


The Danbury Institute is an association of churches, Christians, and organizations aligned to affirm and preserve God-given rights to life and liberty by influencing culture and public policy, upholding the free exercise of religion, inspiring the vigorous involvement of an informed citizenry, and promoting Judeo-Christian values as the proper foundation for a free and prosperous republic. Learn more about The Danbury Institute at


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