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Filmmakers release startling, must-watch documentary "The War on Children"

By Sharayah Colter


In 2021, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sang in a song they posted to YouTube and later deleted that they are “coming for your children.”


Well, they meant it.


Last week, husband and wife team Robby and Landon Starbuck released a feature-length documentary revealing how progressivism, leftists, and specifically the LGBTQ+ movement have launched an all-out assault on children and their innocence.


From pornographic books in children’s classrooms and libraries to drag queens performing risqué, half nude shows in front of children, including audiences with toddlers and babies, the documentary shows just how deep gay and trans agendas have reached into every corner of society — not simply affecting children by accidental exposure but intentionally targeting them.


Interviews with pastors, teenagers, and even a mom whose child was removed by the state in order to be “transitioned,” only to become a suicide statistic afterward fill the packed two and a half hours of content. The Starbucks also interviewed a woman rescued from sex trafficking, a drag queen who said there was nothing wrong with exposing children to sexualized content, and people such as Sen. Rand Paul and swimmer Riley Gaines who have become vocal about the erasure of women and the harm being done to children through transgender ideologies sweeping across the United States.


Every Christian should see this film. Every non-Christian should see this film. Every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, and teacher. Every doctor. Every pastor. The life-long harm depicted in this documentary and the ways LGBTQ+ culture is altering society as a whole are startling.


For the sake of every child you know and the millions you do not — many of whom may never have an advocate in their own life — watch this film, tell someone else to watch it, and then find a way to help combat this evil that seeks to destroy childhood, families, and any remnant of a healthy society.


This is a moment to face the brutal reality of the world in which we live and to look around and honestly ask ourselves and every adult in our circle of influence, “who will stand for life and liberty?”


As for The Danbury Institute, we will not stand by while the war on our children rages. We are with you in the battle.


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