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Biden Administration redefines "sex" as "gender identity" in Title IX, paving the way for males to invade female spaces

April 19, 2024

The Biden Administration released new rules for Title IX, Friday, April 19 – regulations originally designed to ensure equal access for women in public schools and sports.


The re-write flips Title IX on its head and erases protections for both men and women, boys and girls.


Here’s what is new:

  • Sex is now defined as “gender identity”

  • This means boys and men who “identify” as female will have access to locker rooms, dorms, bathrooms, and sports belonging to women and girls and that males can take scholarships meant for females.


The new Title IX rules also:

  • Infringe upon free speech rights for those who do not wish to use a person’s “preferred pronouns”

  • Eliminate due process for sexual misconduct claims, removing the ability to cross examine a witness and returning to the “single investigator model”


All considered, the new Title IX rules effectively dismantle protections for women and disrupt decades of progress in creating equal opportunity for females.


This decision from the Biden Administration is profoundly:

  • anti-woman

  • anti-truth

  • anti-science &

  • anti-equality


Christians, as people committed to truth, to God’s good design for human sexuality, gender, and identity, and to a biblical structure for justice should be vocal in opposing new Title IX rules that will endanger children, rob women of experiences, opportunity, and innocence, and subject young men to increased risk of false accusations.


Stand for truth. Reject the re-write of Title IX. 


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